Exploring Cutting-Edge Trends in Barcelona This course is designed to immerse participants in the heart of Barcelona's innovative spirit, exploring cutting-edge developments across various industries. It's tailored for professionals, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts eager to understand and engage with the latest trends in technology and sustainable practices.


  • Unique insights into Barcelona’s role as a leader in technology and sustainability.
  • Hands-on experiences with cutting-edge technologies and practices.
  • Networking opportunities with key players in Barcelona’s innovative sectors.
  • A blend of cultural immersion and professional development in a dynamic city.


  • AI and Machine Learning: Insights into AI’s evolving role in business and society.
  • Industry 4.0: Understanding the digital transformation of manufacturing.
  • Sustainable Energy Management: Exploring renewable energy trends and practices.
  • Advanced Waste Management: Learning about innovative waste reduction and recycling technologies.
  • Smart City Initiatives: Discovering how Barcelona is leading as a smart city.
  • Startup Ecosystem: Engaging with Barcelona’s thriving startup community.

Our speakers

Course Modules

    • Artificial Intelligence: The state of AI in Barcelona’s startups and major industries.


    • The Fourth Industrial Revolution: A deep dive into Industry 4.0 technologies.


    • Renewable Energy: Exploring sustainable energy solutions and policies.


    • Innovative Waste Management: Latest trends in recycling and waste reduction.


    • Smart City Solutions: How technology is shaping urban living in Barcelona.


    • Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Insights into the city’s startup ecosystem.

Who is it for?

    • Business professionals keen on technology and sustainability.


    • Entrepreneurs and startup enthusiasts.


      • Policy makers and urban planners.


    • Environmental and tech researchers.


Visits, Workshops, Networking....


    to Tech Startups: Visit AI and Industry 4.0 startups; Renewable Energy Facilities; Historic Sites and Modern Marvels: Explore how traditional and modern coexist and inspire innovation.


    • Empowering Workshops: Participate in workshops led by Agile and Lean practitioners.


  • Urban Explorations: Experience Barcelona’s smart city initiatives firsthand.


    • Networking Events: Connect with local entrepreneurs and industry leaders.



Interactive tours to discover Barcelona's secret spots

We’ll explore hidden locations in Barcelona, away from the typical tourist routes.
Explore a side of Barcelona you’ve never seen before and immerse yourself in its ecosystem.
Let the city show you what it knows!

By following these three steps, you can ensure that the in-company training course is tailored to the specific needs of the organization, effectively designed, and continually refined based on feedback and evaluation:

STEP 1: Needs Assessment

STEP 2: Design and Development

STEP 3: Implementation and Evaluation:

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  • 1

    STEP 1: Needs Assessment

    Identify the specific training needs and goals of the company:

    • – Conduct interviews with key stakeholders to understand their expectations.
    • – Analyze current skills and knowledge gaps within the organization.
    • – Review company performance data and identify areas for improvemen
  • 2

    STEP 2: Design and Development

    Develop a structured and effective training program based on the identified needs:

    • – Define clear learning objectives and outcomes.
    • – Choose appropriate instructional methods and materials.
    • – Develop engaging and interactive content.
    • – Incorporate real-world examples and case studies relevant to the company.
  • 3

    STEP 3: Implementation and Evaluation

    Deliver the training and assess its effectiveness:

    • – Conduct training sessions using a variety of delivery methods (e.g., workshops, online modules, mentoring).
    • – Collect feedback from participants during and after the training.
    • – Evaluate the achievement of learning objectives.
    • – Identify areas for improvement and make necessary adjustments to the course.
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